Friday, August 16, 2013

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Super Sevens Fruitie Gives Lots of Free Spins

Slotlands New Super Sevens Fruitie is Generous with Free Spins15 August 2013, London, UK (Press Release) – Slotland, known-around the world for many years for it’s unique games, has just launched yet another one-of-a-kind slot game, Super Sevens. This one’s a classic “fruitie ” that gives free spins with bet multipliers after every winning combination. Until Sunday, players can collect a $17 free chip to try the new game.

A total of $3000 in daily cash prizes will also be awarded to players taking the new game for a spin. Every day until August 18, twenty Super Sevens players will each receive a $25 cash prize.

Classic slot machine symbols like lemons, cherries and, of course, 7s spin on Super Sevens five reels. It’s a 19 payline game where players can bet from $.05 to $1 per line.

Super Sevens is more generous with free spins than most online slots . After every winning spin the next spin is free, and any win from the free spin is multiplied by the current win multiplier. The win multiplier starts at x2 and increases with every winning spin up to x7.

“Call me old fashioned, but I just love good old fruit machines,” said one long-time Slotland player. “Slotland constantly amazes me with the incredible games they come out with, all the special effects and fancy bonus games. The last one, Airmail is mindboggling -- I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. But lemons and cherries and grapes, oh my – that’s my kind of game!”

“I can’t believe you get a free spin with every winning combo!” said another player during testing of the new game. “And then in the free spins the music changes, and the pace picks up, and the multiplier keeps multiplying – it’s really quite exhilarating!”

All of Slotland’s 30 one-of-a-kind slots games, including the new Super Sevens, can be played on literally any device capable of handling web content including Blackberry. Many are also available on the Slotland Mobile Casino which has an enhanced user interface for iPhone/iPad and Android phone users: buttons big enough to tap and screen layouts designed to make the most of smaller screens.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WinADay’s New 'Gladiator Games' has Bonus Game with Unbelievable Interactive Lion Duel – Free Slots Tournament This Week

WinADay Casino New Gladiator Games Slot has Animated Bonus Game that Transports Players to a Coliseum Lion DuelWe've just launched a mind-boggling new Roman-themed slots game, Gladiator Games, at WinADay Casino. There's a $3400 slots tournament being played on it this week. Gladiator Games features an incredible animated bonus game where you choose a Roman gladiator to fight for your Trophy Chest. Like Fair Tycoon and Enchanted Gems the new Gladiator Games is one of our Premium games.

Gladiator Games is a 5 reel video slot with 30 pay lines and bets from $.05 to $2 per line. A hunky Roman soldier stands guard over the classically styled slots reels. During the regular game, you win armor for him and collect gold coins in your Trophy Chest. In the incredible bonus game that’s triggered once the armor is complete, the screen becomes an animated Roman arena and Gladiators fight to win the coins in the Trophy Chest.

You don’t just sit back and watch an animation once the battle begins. In the bonus game, first you have to choose a gladiator. During the fight you select maneuvers and determine attack order. It’s fun!

Then after a bit of that it's back to the regular slots game. The scatter is a Gold Coin that fills up the Trophy Chest. An animated Lion symbol is Wild and when it appears all other Lions become Wild. Maximum line payout is 1000x for 5x Caesar.

The Gladiator Games Slots Tournament begins today (November 7th) and you have until Sunday November 11th to achieve the highest score on the game. $3,425 in prize money will be awarded. Next week, the Top Bettor contest will award another $2000 in prize mone.

With Fluffy Paws and its animated pets introduced last month and now the new Gladiator Games, WinADay has 34 one of a kind casino games that can’t be found at any other instant play casino. Our games at both Slotland and WinADay are built with Flash technology so they work great on computers, phones and tablets.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us -- $14,000 in Birthday Bonuses this Month

Can you believe it's been fourteen years since we launched?!  We were one of the very first online casino sites. Although a lot has changed since then we're still committed to developing unique games and to taking good care of our players.  To celebrate our birthday we're giving away $14,000 in bonuses and lots of other freebies so please join us this month! Be sure to try our newest game, Turbo GT and let us know what you think.

If you deposit at least $250 in October you're automatically entered in the Birthday Player Contest that will award a total of $14,000 in bonuses.
“Wow. Fourteen years. It’s amazing. From the very beginning our commitment was to creating original games – an alternative to all the cookie-cutter slots games out there,” said Slotland manager Michael Hilary. “Major thanks goes to our players who made Slotland what it is.”

Our customer service reps work right alongside the teams that create our one-of-a-kind games.

“Players are always asking us for secrets about new games that are coming out,” said Robert, a veteran CSR well-known to many players that have stuck with us over the years. “Sometimes we give little hints on our Facebook page. I can tell you that I’ve seen lots of snow flakes on the designers’ screens lately -- but who knows what that will develop into!”

It’s been a busy month leading up to the 14th birthday celebrations. Our notoriously regular progressive jackpot had a big winner a couple of weeks ago – Abigail J. won $160,000 playing Pearls of Atlantis. And a fast-paced new slots game, Turbo GT, launched just last week.

We now have twenty-seven real money online slots. Also mobile slots, our games play well on phones and tablets.

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Turbo GT Slots Game Combines Thrills of Auto Racing with Online Slots Fun

Slotlands New Turbo GT Slots GameWe've just launched our twenty-seventh one-of-a-kind slots game, Turbo GT. It combines the thrills of auto racing with the excitement of online slots. The fast paced slots game has race track symbols like mag wheels, stop watches and trophies and a turbo-charged bonus game that gives up to ten free spins.

“This is an eleven payline game,” said Hilary. “A lot of our games lately have been 25 line or more. You play slots differently when you have fewer lines. It’ll be interesting to see what players think. I’m sure they’ll let our Customer Service people know, and they’ll probably tell us on Facebook!”

“The graphics are great – sort of a Hot Wheels look,” said one player, “But it’s the sound effects that really get your blood racing! Well, sound effects – and free spins that is!”

Three “Turbo” scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger 10 Free Spins. Hitting Turbo scatter symbols during free spins adds even more free spins to the bonus game.

“Hitting free spins adds lots of playing time,” said Slotland manager Michael Hilary. “You can spin Free Spin symbols even in the bonus round, so you can just keep playing and playing without placing another bet.”

Our real money online slots are also available as mobile slots.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Choose a Pet, Choose Your Bonuses in New Fluffy Paws Slot at WinADay

Bonus Choices and Pokemon-style Characters and Make Fluffy Paws One of WinADayOur new Fluffy Paws video slot game at WinADay Casino has three cuddly Japanese-ish, Pokemon-style pets: Bunny, Kitty and Puppy. You'll like the way you can choose your bonus opportunities by choosing a pet to play along with you. Fluffy Paws is another one-of-a-kind slots game available only at WinADay.

Fluffy Paws is a 5 reel video slot machine game with 25 paylines. Players pick the Bunny, Kitty or Puppy as their pet to get various bonus features during the game. Players can switch pets anytime during play but will soon develop favourites.

Those that choose the Bunny as their pet will get Bunny Bonuses like 10 free spins when a hungry bunny catches and eats a carrot. If Bunny falls in love, players win 5 spins with wins doubled. Kitty Bonuses include 8 free spins when Kitty chases a mouse and an Expanding Wild that lasts 5 spins. In Puppy’s Dig It Up Bonus Game, Puppy has to find a bone hidden by the neighbor’s dog. Until he finds it, bets can be multiplied up to 200x. The puppy also includes 5 free spins whenever the Puppy barks at the dog on the reels.

“We create all of our own slot games,” said WinADay Casino manager Michael Hilary. “Our games designers are right here in our offices, so we’ve been watching this one develop over the summer. I know I say this with every new game, but I think this is one of the coolest games they’ve ever come up with! We’re already getting lots of positive feedback from players about the bonus choices.”

WinADay players seem to agree, judging by comments posted on the site’s very active Facebook page.

“I like the Kitty bonus best,” posted Linda B, a frequent player WinADay player enjoys sharing stories on Facebook with other players. “You get that expanding Wild and if you get something good (which I did… OFTEN) then you can play for a long time.”

Slots, video poker, roulette and keno -- WinADayCasino now has thirty-three one-of-a-kind instant play casino games. Most slot games are tied to the one progressive jackpot which is currently just over $160,000.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Have Another Big Winner -- a $190K Jackpot Won on Pearls of Atlantis!

Slotland Jackpot Winner Glad She Upped Her Bets so Her Winning Combo Qualified for 189K JackpotWhen our progressive jackpot at was nearing a record level at the end of August it was inevitable that it would be won soon. Although Abigail J. was shocked when she won the $189,897 jackpot, we saw it coming! The lucky jackpot winner was playing one of our newest and most elaborate no download slots, Pearls of Atlantis, when she hit the jackpot.

Have you tried Pearls of Atlantis? It's a 5 reel, 9 payline slot with a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ bonus game. Like most games, a max bet must be placed to qualify for the progressive jackpot. Although Abigail doesn’t always bet max she’s certainly glad she did this time.

“I usually bet lower amounts when I play slots as I simply enjoy the thrill of playing and seeing the symbols fall into place,” said the excited jackpot winner. “That day, though, I felt somehow lucky so I decided to up the bets for some rounds. Now I’m happy as a bee and grateful to have won such a fantastic amount. Slotland is the best!”

Unlike other casinos’ jackpots that never seem to be won, our jackpots don't usually accumulate for more than eight weeks or so.

“Naturally we never know when our jackpot will be hit – it’s all down to luck,” said Slotland Manager Michael Hilary. “But since it’s been hit so regularly for so many years both our staff and our many long-term players just get a feeling when it’s about to be won again.”

The Slotland jackpot increases quite quickly again after it’s reset to $50,000 following a win since most of our slot games are tied to the one jackpot. We now have twenty-six one-of-a-kind online slots and video poker games. Several are also available as mobile slots.

Watch for our new auto-racing themed game will launch later this month!