Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Slots Player Proves Even $2 Bets Can Be Exciting!

Slotland Winner Considers $615 Win a Jackpot

A regular at has proven that even a $2 bet can get your heart pounding and a $600 win can feel like a jackpot. Player “CHAROO“ says that her $2 might as well have been a million and that winning her $17 balance up to $615 made for one her most exciting nights of online slots ever!

“I can’t exactly retire on $600,“ laughed the winner, “But that night sure was the best run of good luck I’ve ever had. I’m still shaking my head!“

After playing the $150 she budgeted each month for playing online slots down to just $17, CHAROO was ready to pack it in. She’s glad she didn’t though because that night luck was on her side.

“I sat down with my last seventeen bucks and went right to my favourite online slot machine, Treasure Box,” wrote the winner. “I was betting $2 and on my first pull I hit the Double Win symbols. On my second pull, I hit three different colored ones for $30. After I hit some other $5 and $10 pots, I held one green seven and then had two more given to me for $125 -- all within 20 minutes!”

“I continued to play and again hit three green sevens for another $125. I left there with about $300 and switched to the Striking Sevens slot machine and after only ten minutes I hit a Straight Flush for $65 -- not once but twice! Leaving there, I went to the Jacks or Better video poker game and kept my winning streak going. I was hitting Full Houses and Flushes like there was no tomorrow! I kept my bets below the max because I felt luckier that way. After about an hour, I hit four tens for $125 and 20 minutes later I hit four twos for another $125.

“I managed to keep my little bank roll playing for hours and before I went to bed I closed the night out with two Wild Royal Flushes on the Santa’s Sleigh machine. I hit big with small bets and look forward to turning this $600 into $60,000!”, where victories like Charoo’s are celebrated every day and major jackpot wins happen every few weeks, features 13 unique games and is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry and the new iPhone, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Slotland Launches Online & Mobile Slot Machine Player Survey

One Player to Win $500 in Optional Free Contest

Slotland has just launched an Online & Mobile Slot Machine Player Survey to find out what’s on the minds of slots players. One lucky survey respondent will win $500 in an optional draw at the end of the questionnaire. Between newsletters, blogs and attentive customer service, is in closer touch with players than most. They’re about to get even closer.

“We know some things about what kinds of slot machines and video poker games players like best,“ said John Lancelet of “We can see which ones get played the most. But we wanted to find out some other things like players‘ superstitions and strategies, where and when they play, things like that.“

The most comprehensive survey of online slot machine players ever conducted, the Slotland Online Slots Player Survey is being hosted by ( Anyone that’s ever played or thought about playing slot machines online is invited to participate.

“We didn’t want to hear only from our own players,“ said Lancelet, explaining the media partnership. “We want to hear from slot machine players everywhere.“

Do more people play at work or at home? How do players know when it‘s time to switch slot machines? How are mobile gamblers different than online players? Do slots players play poker? Does anyone under 80 play slots? Do most people place max bets? How are British fruit machine players different than their American counterparts? These and other questions will be answered this fall when the survey results are reported.

The results of the survey will be published in the September issue of the monthly Newsletter, here on the SlotlandNews blog and on, which features 13 unique games, is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry and the new iPhone, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Slotland Games Work Great on iPhone While Most Will Not

Average Casino Software Problematic for Apple’s New iPhone

Although most other online casino games won’t work on the much-hyped new Apple iPhone,’s mobile games and their web games both work great on the revolutionary new device. The new iPhone, unveiled last week, is incredible in many ways but it’s critical weakness, from a mobile gambler’s point of view, is that it doesn’t support the software that most mobile and online gambling providers depend on. However, Slotland slot machines not only work two ways on the iPhone, improved graphics make it a whole new game.

Unfortunately, being from Apple, the iPhone is designed so you can only use the Apple applications provided. Users won’t be able to just download and install their choice of games. That may suck – but at least the iPhone has a fantastic web browser, so you can just play casino games at online casinos that have Flash games, right? Wrong – iPhone doesn’t support Flash or Java.

Fortunately, not all online gambling sites use technology the iPhone can’t handle., one of the earliest pioneers in mobile gambling, has developed games based on html/xhtml technology rather than Java and Flash and will therefore be one of the few casinos that will work on the new iPhone.

“Like the iMac, Safari is the internet browser built into the iPhone. Officially, no third party applications will be allowed to be installed on the Apple device, so the web browser will likely be the only way to access casino games on an iPhone.” said’s Mobile Games Manager, John Lancelet. “Slotland has always been one of the few casinos that really worked well on WebTV browsers for the same reason they’ll be the only ones to work in customized trimmed down browsers like the one in iPhone.”

“Like a lot of people, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone for a long time,“ said Lancelet. “It has higher resolution, better quality, more graphical features… And the touch screen is going to be great for playing slots!”, which features 13 unique games, is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world – and it looks and works great on the iPhone web browser., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs and provide a simplified alternative for iPhone users.