Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fundraising Site Launched for African Aid Project invites the public to contribute to the Malawi school it's funded for two years has launched a website to raise additional funds for the school and community center they built in Malawi and to bring hope to other nearby villages. While the popular slots and video poker site will continue to fund the center, the new website ( has been created to enable the public to make personal donations.

Education is the key to ending the cycle of poverty and ignorance in Malawi, one of the poorest nations on earth, ravaged by AIDS. The school’s opening ceremonies last October began a new era of hope for one impoverished village.

Two years ago, when a small group of dedicated aid workers approached for a donation, the company -- known for its generous philanthropy -- couldn’t say no. In fact, they committed to providing all construction funding and to supporting the center until it is self-sufficient.

The story of how the Project Team brought a whole village together to build the Umodzi-Mbame School is told on the new fundraising website: The site also explains how donations will be used to assist neighbouring villages that have started similar projects on their own. Donations toward current and new projects can be made on the site through secure PayPal payment processing.

“We’ve been reporting the progress of the project to our players for two years,” said Slotland’s Martin Smith. “So many people have told us how proud they are of what we’re doing that we provided this fundraising website to give them an opportunity to get more involved and to make personal donations.”

The Project Team in Africa has registered a non-profit organization called boNGO Worldwide which is committed to assisting communities develop self-sustaining projects. boNGO is an acronym for “Based On Need-driven Grassroots Ownership”.

“We’ve found that projects initiated by locals rather than outside agencies have the best chance to involve the entire community and succeed,” explains the boNGO Project Team leader. “Faced with increasing numbers of children orphaned by AIDS, the people of nearby Kantimbanye built several orphanages without assistance. What we’ve done is help them build a maize mill which will provide an ongoing income to support their work.”

boNGO’s diligent work has already changed the lives of hundreds of children but there are many more that need food, education and hope. All contributions are gratefully received and, since there are no administrative costs thanks to, every penny goes directly to the Project Team in Malawi.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Online and Mobile Slots Player Survey Contradicts Stereotypes

Not high rollers, slots players want maximum entertainment from their gambling dollars

Are slots players all a bunch of little old ladies that only bet a penny at a time? How loyal are they to a favourite machine? Do players like slots just because they're easy to play? Or are big jackpots what make online slots so popular?’s survey of online and mobile slot machine players has now concluded and the results confirm some assumptions and dispute some stereotypes.

The survey conducted through the summer and fall shows that not all slots players are old and they’re not all women. Most online and mobile slots players aren’t particularly high rollers, preferring to deposit small amounts and play it as long as they can. They want – and get -- many hours of entertainment for their gambling dollars. However, they play the game more strategically than many might think and aren’t afraid to place maximum bets when the time is right.

Survey responses also show:
  • Two-thirds like slots because they're easy to play but the other third is primarily drawn to the possibility of winning big jackpots on small wagers.

  • Most play only on their computer but 20% said they had at least tried the mobile games.Although most don't play on their phone or PDA much or ever, most acknowledged the convenience of mobile games.

  • Most are regulars from and have played there a year or more. 25% joined just to enter the contest.

  • Nearly all play exclusively or mostly at home, not at work.

  • Although most don't wager large amounts -- 78% said they'd never bet more than $100 -- more than half said they'd had wins over $1000.

  • Almost unanimously agree (84%) that the way to win at slots is to stick with a machine that feels lucky.

  • A third play video poker as well as slots.

  • Half have at least tried online poker but only a few play online poker often.

  • All place max bets when the time is right while a third always bet the maximum.

  • Only a third knew that Slotland's African school project is in Malawi.

  • Only a third have visited Vegas.

  • Many only play online but most (60%) also play slots in casinos at least once in awhile.

  • Slots are not a ladies-only game at all -- half of respondents were men.

  • Mostly middle-aged and older but some (16%) under 30 as well.
“I’m proud to say we know our customers pretty well,” said John Lancelet of “So I wasn’t too surprised by most of the results. I must admit though, I thought more of our players were older – interesting to see how popular such a traditional game is becoming with younger people these days, especially now that they can bet on slots on their mobile phones.”

Survey participants were given an opportunity to enter a free contest. A random draw awarded player “SQUIZZER” a $500 bonus deposit to their account.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Video Poker Game Pays Out Third $100K+ Jackpot

Slotland Player wins $100,317 Progressive jackpot Playing Striking 7s’s favourite video poker game has been hit once again for a major jackpot. Striking 7s, which is available on both the web and mobile game platforms, has paid out three major jackpots. This time it was a $100,000 jackpot won by player “SWTGEORGIA”.

All of Slotland’s fourteen slot machine and video poker games are tied to the same progressive jackpot. There have been major wins on Magic, Booster and Golden 8 this year but the jackpot has been hit playing Striking 7s more than any other slot machine or video poker game on the site. COWGYRLHOST won $155,917 last year. Then CHEWEMUP won $97K this spring, also on Striking 7s. And now SWTGEORGIA has won $100K on the same game.

Striking 7s is a video poker game, with a unique Doubling Feature. It has been one of the most popular games on the community’s web site since the day it was introduced. After a win, Striking 7s players are offered the option to “Double or Collect”. If they choose to try and double their winnings, another five cards are dealt and the player has one chance to pick the hidden high card.

A mobile version was launched in January making Striking 7s one of six real-money games that Slotland players can play on either their computer or their phone. Slotland’s mobile game players use the same account that they play with online and can deposit and withdraw from their mobile phone just as they would online. The last player to win a large jackpot playing on their phone was OLYMPIAGOLD who won $163 playing the mobile version of Lucky Stars in early 2006.

Recent progressive jackpot winners:

COWGYRLGHOST $155,917 (€109,510) Striking 7s
OLYMPIAGOLD $163,114 (€115,160 Lucky Stars (Mobile)
CHEWEMUP $97,170 (€68,530) Striking 7s
IRINGION $116,828 (€81,960) Wild Heart
JAMKAT2 $113,418 (€89,067) Treasure Box
TOPNOTCHED $179,166 (€126,470) Golden 8
NEWMAN32 $165, 318 (€119,610) Booster
7736492 $146,761 (€105,840) Magic
SWTGEORGIA $100,317 (€70,650) Striking 7s’s progressive jackpot is already back up to over $68,000(€47,000).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Skill-based Slot Machine Now Available for Mobile

Treasure Box, a game of strategy similar to video poker, designed for new generation of players

Slot machine players that enjoy games requiring skill and strategy love Slotland’s popular Treasure Box and now they can play the multi-line slot machine on their mobile phones and PDAs. The new mobile version of the Treasure Box online slot machine is the sixth real-money game available on’s WAP site. This month, is giving players $20 just to try it. has 13 games online and Treasure Box has always been one of the most popular, especially with more experienced players. It is the only slot machine that allows players to hold the reels after each spin in order to affect the result and get the best potential return. Treasure Box is a unique style of slot machine similar to multi hand video poker games. Players are presented with four sets of three reels. When the lever is pulled, the bottom reel set spins. Players can hold the result on any or all the reels. Each payline with a bet on it can win. By examining the pay table, players can learn to make the decisions that will yield the highest potential return on each spin.

Mobile games are introducing new players to traditional games like slot machines and video poker.

“Our mobile games are increasingly popular, that’s for sure,” said Slotland’s John Lancelet. “But it’s not just our regular players that are switching to the mobile games. It’s people with cool mobile phones looking for something fun to do with them.”
The Online and Mobile Slots Player Survey that conducted this summer showed that although most survey respondents were long-term players at only 20% of them played the mobile versions of their favourite games much or at all.

Apparently it’s a whole new generation of games players that’s discovering traditional games – and a fun new way to play with their phone. The new Treasure Box for mobile will appeal to players that enjoy games of skill and strategy.

A graphical tour of’s new mobile slot machine, Treasure Box, is available at Mobile phone users can install and play the new game by going to in their phone’s browser.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Unique Card Prediction Game, FourCast, New from

FourCast, a unique card prediction game, has exponential payouts

It’s not a slot machine. It’s not video poker. FourCast, the new game at, combines the thrills of cards and the quick, easy play of spinning slots in an exciting new game that challenges players’ psychic powers.

FourCast is a card prediction game. Four cards are dealt face down and the player predicts the suit and/or value of the next card dealt. Bets multiply exponentially each round. Third and fourth round winnings increase by 50% or 100%, respectively

“I predict not too many players will want to collect their winnings after the first round, although they can of course,” said Manager John Lancelet. “Knowing how much the winnings increase though, I bet they’ll want to play on!”

Apart from the famous progressive jackpot tied to all of their 14 unique slot machines, FourCast has the biggest payouts available at Players that can correctly predict both the suit and value of all four cards dealt can win $122,880 on a $10 bet.

FourCast joins 13 other unique games at including bonus-crazy Treasure Box where players can hold the wheels after each spin, the five-payline Lucky Stars, and Booster – the only slot machine where your bet is never lost.

Many of’s online games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. Striking 7s, a variation of the popular Deuces Wild video poker game, is one of the latest to be added to the WAP site.

All of’s web and mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpot that has been hit for more than $150,000 twice this summer. is one of the most trusted online gambling sites and has loyal players around the world, including the United States.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Progressive Jackpot Hit Big Twice

Canadian Woman Hits $146K Jackpot Within Weeks of $165K Win

A Canadian woman was recently the second online slots player to hit’s progressive jackpot really big in just a few weeks. Her September 23rd jackpot of $146,761 (€105,840) follows a $165, 318 (€119,610) win by a regular player known as “Newman32” in July.

“I usually play the Booster slot because I like the way you can boost your bets. But a friend won a few dollars playing the slot machine called Magic so I decided to give it a try last Sunday,” said this week’s winner. “That machine sure lived up to its name that night, eh?”

In a recent player survey, 80% of respondents said the reason they liked slot machines over other online casino games is the jackpots. With a progressive jackpot that gets hit for $150,000 or more quite regularly, it’s no wonder jackpot-lovers flock to

“I know a lot of people think slots players just like slots because they’re easy,” said John Lancelet of “But the chance to win hundreds of thousands on a very minimal bet is a big part of it!”

Unlike many sites where it can take weeks for a jackpot to get back to a very large amount, Slotland’s progressive jackpot starts big thanks to a policy instituted earlier this year.

When the jackpot was hit several times within weeks of each other, Slotland started doubling the start-up amount when they reset it. Since it now re-starts at $50,000 it doesn’t take long to reach big numbers like the $163,114 win in March and the all time high jackpot of $179,166 in May.

The progressive can be played on any of the fourteen unique slot machines and video poker games on the web site. Six games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. The mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpot, so the next big winner could be at their computer or anywhere they take their mobile phone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Online Slots Player Proves Even $2 Bets Can Be Exciting!

Slotland Winner Considers $615 Win a Jackpot

A regular at has proven that even a $2 bet can get your heart pounding and a $600 win can feel like a jackpot. Player “CHAROO“ says that her $2 might as well have been a million and that winning her $17 balance up to $615 made for one her most exciting nights of online slots ever!

“I can’t exactly retire on $600,“ laughed the winner, “But that night sure was the best run of good luck I’ve ever had. I’m still shaking my head!“

After playing the $150 she budgeted each month for playing online slots down to just $17, CHAROO was ready to pack it in. She’s glad she didn’t though because that night luck was on her side.

“I sat down with my last seventeen bucks and went right to my favourite online slot machine, Treasure Box,” wrote the winner. “I was betting $2 and on my first pull I hit the Double Win symbols. On my second pull, I hit three different colored ones for $30. After I hit some other $5 and $10 pots, I held one green seven and then had two more given to me for $125 -- all within 20 minutes!”

“I continued to play and again hit three green sevens for another $125. I left there with about $300 and switched to the Striking Sevens slot machine and after only ten minutes I hit a Straight Flush for $65 -- not once but twice! Leaving there, I went to the Jacks or Better video poker game and kept my winning streak going. I was hitting Full Houses and Flushes like there was no tomorrow! I kept my bets below the max because I felt luckier that way. After about an hour, I hit four tens for $125 and 20 minutes later I hit four twos for another $125.

“I managed to keep my little bank roll playing for hours and before I went to bed I closed the night out with two Wild Royal Flushes on the Santa’s Sleigh machine. I hit big with small bets and look forward to turning this $600 into $60,000!”, where victories like Charoo’s are celebrated every day and major jackpot wins happen every few weeks, features 13 unique games and is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry and the new iPhone, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Slotland Launches Online & Mobile Slot Machine Player Survey

One Player to Win $500 in Optional Free Contest

Slotland has just launched an Online & Mobile Slot Machine Player Survey to find out what’s on the minds of slots players. One lucky survey respondent will win $500 in an optional draw at the end of the questionnaire. Between newsletters, blogs and attentive customer service, is in closer touch with players than most. They’re about to get even closer.

“We know some things about what kinds of slot machines and video poker games players like best,“ said John Lancelet of “We can see which ones get played the most. But we wanted to find out some other things like players‘ superstitions and strategies, where and when they play, things like that.“

The most comprehensive survey of online slot machine players ever conducted, the Slotland Online Slots Player Survey is being hosted by ( Anyone that’s ever played or thought about playing slot machines online is invited to participate.

“We didn’t want to hear only from our own players,“ said Lancelet, explaining the media partnership. “We want to hear from slot machine players everywhere.“

Do more people play at work or at home? How do players know when it‘s time to switch slot machines? How are mobile gamblers different than online players? Do slots players play poker? Does anyone under 80 play slots? Do most people place max bets? How are British fruit machine players different than their American counterparts? These and other questions will be answered this fall when the survey results are reported.

The results of the survey will be published in the September issue of the monthly Newsletter, here on the SlotlandNews blog and on, which features 13 unique games, is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry and the new iPhone, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Slotland Games Work Great on iPhone While Most Will Not

Average Casino Software Problematic for Apple’s New iPhone

Although most other online casino games won’t work on the much-hyped new Apple iPhone,’s mobile games and their web games both work great on the revolutionary new device. The new iPhone, unveiled last week, is incredible in many ways but it’s critical weakness, from a mobile gambler’s point of view, is that it doesn’t support the software that most mobile and online gambling providers depend on. However, Slotland slot machines not only work two ways on the iPhone, improved graphics make it a whole new game.

Unfortunately, being from Apple, the iPhone is designed so you can only use the Apple applications provided. Users won’t be able to just download and install their choice of games. That may suck – but at least the iPhone has a fantastic web browser, so you can just play casino games at online casinos that have Flash games, right? Wrong – iPhone doesn’t support Flash or Java.

Fortunately, not all online gambling sites use technology the iPhone can’t handle., one of the earliest pioneers in mobile gambling, has developed games based on html/xhtml technology rather than Java and Flash and will therefore be one of the few casinos that will work on the new iPhone.

“Like the iMac, Safari is the internet browser built into the iPhone. Officially, no third party applications will be allowed to be installed on the Apple device, so the web browser will likely be the only way to access casino games on an iPhone.” said’s Mobile Games Manager, John Lancelet. “Slotland has always been one of the few casinos that really worked well on WebTV browsers for the same reason they’ll be the only ones to work in customized trimmed down browsers like the one in iPhone.”

“Like a lot of people, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone for a long time,“ said Lancelet. “It has higher resolution, better quality, more graphical features… And the touch screen is going to be great for playing slots!”, which features 13 unique games, is the most popular slot machine and video poker web site in the world – and it looks and works great on the iPhone web browser., which is compatible with virtually every phone model including Blackberry, brings the five best games to mobile phones and PDAs and provide a simplified alternative for iPhone users.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mobile Entertainment Conference Concludes Greedy Phone Companies are the Biggest Barrier to Mobile Entertainment

Italy Seen as the Most Progressive Market for Mobile Entertainment and Mobile Gambling

While analysts continue to predict great things for mobile entertainment, delegates at the recent Mobile Entertainment Market (MeM) conference in Monte Carlo were talking as much about barriers to explosive growth as they were about new developments in mobile content. The Mobile Games Manager from, a leading provider of real-money mobile casino games, attended the conference and reports that the concensus in Monaco was that if phone network providers loosened the reigns it would stimulate development and make more entertainment more available to mobile users.

“There’s lots of interesting things happening, especially in progressive markets like Italy,“ said John Lancelet of “But mobile network providers slow the pace by making data transfer so expensive and by pretty well excluding independent content providers from their portals.”

Data transfer costs are prohibitive and many users are confused about what it will actually cost to download a song or play a game. They are understandably reluctant to buy an MP3 for $1.50 knowing it could cost another $5.00 in data transfer fees to download it, or to play a casino game only to have their winnings gobbled up by phone charges. According to the word on the street at MeM, Italy is the place to go for the most reasonable flat fee offers and South Africa has the best price-per-megabyte fees for downloads.

Phone companies, whose mobile portals are still the only significant source of mobile traffic, have a virtual monopoly on mobile content -- mostly because customers don’t know that they can venture off the phone company’s home page. And unfortunately, since mobile network operators take a much higher percentage of the profits than internet portals, most independent entertainment providers can’t get their product to players this way. However, just because the phone company isn’t offering mobile gambling doesn’t mean players don’t have access to real-money casino games on their mobile. Mobile surfers that leave the phone company’s portal soon find popular independent operators like

“Generally, mobile content market today is in a similar stage to where the internet was in the late 80s and early 90s when AOL, MSN and similar internet access providers thought that every internet visitor will access the web through their home portals, and no other pages, and every content provider would have to advertise and gain customers through their portals only,” observed Lancelet.

Meanwhile, independent companies like continue to make fun mobile entertainment available. The long-popular slot machine and video poker web site has 5 real-money slots on their WAP site, The mobile games are tied to Slotland’s famous online progressive jackpots, and players can use their player account on the computer or on the mobile phone.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


In this month's winner story from ELMOPOOF, you will learn how Slotland can even help you grow your own business while you are winning and having fun:

First off, thank you for sending my $100.00 winnings so quickly!

Even though I have never won your big jackpot in over the 5 years I have been playing, I still keep hoping that maybe once I will win it, so I do keep trying.

Thank you for the opportunity to play at Slotland Casino and please keep it this way! I am sure lots of people like to play on phones or mini computers; in fact, I have even seen your casino being played on a virtual keyboard in the San Francisco Overseas Airport yesterday!

This gentleman just put out on the table in front of me a small laser and all of a sudden, there was the virtual keyboard in front of me. I commented, "Oh my, what a marvelous invention!" and then he said "Wait, you have not seen what I am going to do with it!" To my surprise, out of our mouths at the same time came SLOTLAND! I was totally bowled over. He says he always plays on your site before his international trips to Japan every week.

He also made the comment that Slotland has kept things interesting; even though it seems like a smaller casino, there are pretty great jackpots if you ever win, which is exactly how I always felt about Slotland myself. So now you have really gone GLOBAL! We ended up boarding the same plane bound for Tokyo, I as a courier for my courier service and he as a businessman going back to manage his business in Osaka. We both flew first class and ended up sitting right next to each other. We had a fantastic flight. Later I took a nap upstairs and got refreshed for our landing. He changed into this entirely cool outfit in leather slacks and white t-shirt and leather jacket (very COOL!) and I just went in a very long Chosam dress and slippers (so as not to offend my clients). We exchanged business cards and he said he would definitely use my services, as he was impressed to see me, as the owner of my business, personally managing the courier work.

Since this was a very huge contract, I was handcuffed to the delivery attache to deliver an important contract to a major steel company in Japan. He was quite impressed in the way I handled myself. I got permission for the handcuffing procedure before we landed, as this was not a normal scene for the stewardess to see. We both said our goodbyes and he said he would like to call me and use my services the next time he has to go to Japan for business. Of course, I said whenever and whatever your needs are, do not hesitate to give me a call or I could steer him to one of my competition for his needs. He said NO, he would only use me in the future.

So thank you Slotland, for bringing to me a future client! As a matter of fact, we both played at Slotland before we got on the flight in San Francisco, California. He won a great deal playing Lucky Stars and I still won my $100.00; so this is my story of how Slotland was played on a VIRTUAL REALITY COMPUTER and KEYBOARD yesterday PLUS helped my business grow!

Our congratulations goes to ELMOPOOF plus $500 goes into her player account for this great story of how $lotland can make extra special connections. As shown above, there are many ways of winning at $lotland, including some ways of which it is impossible to measure the true value!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Nokia 95 Named Best Phone for Mobile Gambling Casino Games Developers Agree the Motorola Razr and Sony Ericsson K800i are Great Phones, But the Nokia 95 is Best

CNET recently named its editors’ choices for Top Mobile Phones. Although the CNET editors’ top-ranked Sony Ericsson K800i and K750i and the new Motorola Razr V3im are definite contenders, the mobile gambling crew at pick the Nokia 95 as the number one choice right now for people that like to play real-money casino games on their mobile phone.

“Phones come with various assortments of bells and whistles these days,” said John Lancelet, Mobile Services Manager at, one of the first online casinos to offer real-money slot machines on mobile phones. “If you like to play slots or video poker on your phone you may be more interested in the size of the screen than whether or not it has GPS or even a camera.”

In addition to a big colourful screen, mobile casino gamblers also need their phone to have reliable internet access and be fully Java capable.

CNET’s Top Ten Mobile Phones: Sony Ericsson K800i, Sony Ericsson K750i, Nokia N95, Samsung i320, Orange SPV C550, Nokia 6300, Nokia E61, Nokia E65, Nokia N93, Motorola Razr V3im, Nokia N73, Samsung i300, Nokia N90, Nokia 9500 Communicator and Sony Ericsson V800.

“They might be good phones for some people,” said Lancelet, “But for the mobile games player I’d eliminate the ones with smaller screens. And we have to cross off phones without excellent internet access.”

The Samsung i320 has excellent internet capabilities and its nice wide screen makes it a good choice for mobile gamblers. It’s a Windows Mobile smart phone though – probably more most players really need. The Nokia 6300 has a 320x240-pixel (QVGA) colour screen that displays up to 16 million colours, but its camera isn’t very good. A camera may not be a mobile gambler’s priority, but since there are other big screen internet capable phones in the same price range with better cameras, the 6300 didn’t make the cut at Slotland. The latest Motorola Razr is an iconic phone that really started the trend toward much larger screens. There are many more phones available now though, and the Motorola Razr V3im doesn’t compare, feature to feature, with many of them. The iPhone isn’t even on the list yet, but with a huge 3.5 inch screen it certainly meets the mobile gambler’s first criteria. Unfortunately, since it runs on a Mac operating system it may not be compatible with all games.

“The Nokia 95 has a huge screen and amazing connectivity,” said Lancelet. “So, for now anyway, it’s our unanimous choice for the best phone for mobile gambling!”

Since launching their first mobile phone slot machine in the fall of 2005, has brought many more of its online favourites to the mobile platform and now offers five unique slot machine and video poker games for mobile phones and PDAs.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grandma Wins $775 on $15 Pull

Wild Hearts Paid Off and Grandson Gets New Shoes!

The big jackpot is still waiting to be won at, but smaller wins that make big differences happen every day. For one of the popular slot machine web site’s thousands of grandmas, a recent $775 win on a $15 bet meant paying off some debts and buying her grandson new shoes.

“Of course it’s exciting to win a huge jackpot – and we’re certainly overdue for a big progressive jackpot winner,” said Hannah Morante of “But smaller wins can make big differences, too. We see lots of players win a few hundred on a small bet, and we’re excited every time!”

The lucky granny, known at as “MAGAMILL”, was going through a stack of bills one night, wondering how they’d ever get paid off.
“I sure don’t rely on winning at the slot machines to pay off my debts,” said the grandma, “I just decided to play that night to forget about bills for awhile.”

After making a small deposit she went straight to her favourite slot machine, Wild Heart. She made a maximum bet of $15, which may not be much for some but for MAGAMILL it was more than she’d usually bet on one spin. Fortunately, that’s when good fortune came calling.

“On my third pull, to my amazement appeared two kings, one Wild Heart, another king, and oh my god, another Wild Heart! Not on one line, not on two lines, but on all three lines!” recalls the ecstatic player. “I had just won $775. Imagine betting just $15 and winning that much!”

MAGAMILL considered quitting while she was ahead, but she felt lucky and kept playing. In five minutes, she’d gotten her winnings up to $1000 and that’s when she cashed out. Her win that night didn’t exactly pay off the mortgage, but it was more than enough to buy her grandson something he badly needed – new shoes. has winners like this every day but every six weeks or so the big progressive jackpot gets hit for well over $100,000. Since there hasn’t been a jackpot winner since January, the feeling around is that it must be about time. The only question is which of Slotland’s nine unique slot machines will the winner be playing? And will they be at their computer or will they be playing one of the five real-money games now available on mobile phones?