Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Non-Stop Slots Tournament Now Pays Nearly $10,000 in Cash Prizes Every

WeekFreeSlot.com’s multiplier feature helps free game players win cash prizes of up to $2000

Online slots players can play absolutely free and still win big cash prizes. FreeSlot.com is a free casino games site operated by the popular gambling site, Slotland.com. The free site has just added several new features and increased the weekly prize pool.

FreeSlot.com runs a non-stop slots tournament twenty-four hours a day. A total of nearly $10,000 in prize money is won each and every week with a top tournament prize of $2000. FreeSlot.com has a special multiplier feature that can catapult free game players to the Top Ten winners circle.

“With a tournament, it isn’t just you and the machine,” said FreeSlot.com Manager Martin Smith. “You are playing against other players to reach the Top Ten and get a share of the tournament prize pool. Playing for free to win real cash prizes is exhilarating and competing against other players adds to that excitement.”

The pirate-themed symbols on the FreeSlot.com tournament slot machine include treasure chests, sabres, kegs of rum and, of course, piles of pirate gold. Players are given a limited number of free spins. If their total score for the week puts them in the Top Ten point scorers they receive a share of the weekly prize pool of nearly $10,000. The player with the top tournament score for the week wins $2000.

With its special multiplier feature, FreeSlot.com players can find themselves in the Top Ten prize winners more quickly than they might think. Each winning spin multiplies any points scored on the following spin. With consecutive wins, players can win up to eight times the points scored and add their names to the list of cash prize winners in just a few free spins.

FreeSlot is not a gambling site. It is a free game where players can win cash prizes. As it is not gambling, it is perfectly legal for anyone anywhere to play at http://www.freeslot.com/, although those under the age of 18 are prohibited from playing for cash prizes.

Scores and free spins are reset every Wednesday so a new weekly tournament starts tomorrow!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Unique 3D Online Casino Launches Real-Money Games

New Lucky-Go-Round Slot Machine Added to Three Dimensional Games Hall

WinADay.com, the all-new 3D online casino from Slotland.com, has just launched a suite of real-money slot machines to add to the free games launched by the unique three dimensional online casino several months ago. A brand new slot machine – the Lucky-Go-Round – is new in both free and real-money Games Halls.

Animated customer service attendants will be on hand as usual to help players get to the new games from the 3D Games Hall. New players will be welcomed with a 100% deposit bonus up o $250.

“Our 3D casino environment, our animated customer service attendants, new games – these are all big steps for us!” said Martin Smith, the Pit Boss at WinADay.com. “We’ve been testing with our free games for several months now, preparing for the launch of our real-money slot machines and now we’re ready to celebrate!”

Many fruity players are loyal to their favourite machines but most like to try something new once in a while too.

“It’s different, that’s for sure!” said one regular Slotland.com player trying WinADay’s new Lucky-Go-Round slot machine. “When you enter that casino lobby, and the attendant greets you by name, that’s more like walking in to a real casino than just logging on to a website!”

WinADay.com games are based on the latest instant-play, no-download Flash technology that allows designers to incorporate the rich media content that today’s online game players expect. WinADay.com casino is alive with crisp graphics, fancy animations, cool sounds effects and background music.

All games are original, built using proprietary software, and only available at WinADay.com. “Wheeler Dealer” is a 3 reel, 8 payline slot machine and “Jack’s Show” is a video poker game based on the popular Jacks or Better video poker game. The latest game, introduced just in time for the launch of the real-money Games Hall, is “Lucky-Go-Round”, a whimsical carnival-style slot machine.

All three games are tied to the WinADay.com progressive jackpot. The new casino has just launched so the jackpot isn’t large yet. However, if it’s anything like the Slotland.com jackpot, it will be hit frequently for six figures!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CasinoRanking.com Donates a Year of Commissions to Slotland’s African Aid Project

Slotland concludes funding as Malawi community center now self-sustaining

Now that the school and community center that it built in Malawi is fully self-sustaining, online casino Slotland.com is concluding its funding. To date, the online slot machine and video poker site has donated more than $100,000 to construct the much needed facilities and train teachers and staff. As the local Project Team moves on to assist other villages another online gambling leader, CasinoRanking.com, has stepped forward to donate at least $10,000 toward ongoing projects.

For more than two years, the popular online slot machine and video poker web site, Slotland.com, provided all funding required to construct buildings and train local teachers in the remote and impoverished village of Juma, Malawi. The goal of the African aid project has always been that it should be self-sustaining and since the Project Team built a maize mill to generate ongoing revenue, the centre has required minimal outside funding.

But the work of the Project Team isn’t finished. The centre has become a teacher-training center for the region and continues to help other schools in the region get established and improve their teaching methods. The Team has also become involved in the construction of other self-sustaining community projects like a maize mill in Kantimbanye that now provides income for the school in Juma.

“We’ve learned that self-initiated projects are most likely to succeed,” said the Project Team Leader, David Leflar. “Where there’s a will, we will help them find a way!”

“The school that we’ve funded will have a long lasting benefit to the entire community. It provides opportunities and will help end the cycle of poverty in Malawi,” said Martin Smith of Slotland. “We’re very proud that one of our biggest affiliates, CasinoRanking.com, was impressed enough with the positive results of our project that they’re making a very substantial donation of their own.”

“The online casino business is a high profit industry,” said Antoine Tardif of CasinoRanking.com. “We should consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to help others who are not as fortunate.”

“I understand that the school is now completed,” said Tardif, “But Malawi is still one of the poorest nations on earth. If the money can go towards building wells or finding clean water that would be great too. Obviously we can trust this dedicated Project Team to decide how to best spend the money.”

The story of how the Project Team brought a whole village together to build the Umodzi-Mbame School is told on a fundraising website provided by Slotland: http://www.help-malawi-children-charity.org/. The site also explains how donations will be used by the African charity to assist neighbouring villages that have started similar projects on their own. Donations toward current and new projects can be made on the site through secure PayPal payment processing.