Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Roulette 5 Combines the Thrills of Roulette with the Easy Play of Slots

Progressive jackpot tied to all slots games now over $110,000

Breaking with our own tradition -- until now our untraditional online casino has been all slots and video poker -- we've just launched our own version of roulette. The new Roulette 5 is American roulette that’s as easy to play as a slot machine.  

With 5 wheels, this unique version of the classic casino game gives five chances to win on one spin and five times the thrills of regular roulette. Players choose the number of wheels to spin just as they’d select how many pay lines to wager on in a slot machine.

“Our players definitely love their slots and video poker. That’s what they’re here for,” said Michael Hilary of WinADay.com.  “But I think they’re going to enjoy taking a break to play some Roulette once in awhile too.”

“We wanted to make sure that all of our players could enjoy Roulette 5,” continued Hilary. “With bets starting off at $0.25, it’s affordable for everyone. If they’re feeling lucky, high rollers can wager up to $1000 per wheel for a max bet of $5000 on one spin.”

It’s only a month since we launched our last new game, the new Leprechaun Luck slot, a 5-reel, 31-payline game featuring Wild and Double Wild symbols and bonus games.  Like all slots games at WinADay, Leprechaun Luck is tied to the site’s progressive jackpot which is currently over $110K.

Heavenly Reels, a comical slot machine adorned with angelic cherubs, is our Game of the Month for April.  Everyone that plays it is automatically entered in a draw for $500 in prize money.  At the end of the year, all Game of the Month tickets will be entered in one draw for a Dell Studio 15 laptop.

We now have 13 whimsical games: eight unique slot machines, four video poker games and one roulette game. They’re all instant play, no download games that are available only at WinADay.com.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Retired Widower Has Won WinADay.com's Biggest Progressive Jackpot Ever and Will Help His Son with the $223,420

We've just had our biggest jackpot win ever at our whimsical slots and video poker site, WinADay.com. A retired widower won $223,420 last week when he was playing the new Reel De Luxe online slot machine. WinADay.com is an unusual online casino with a most extraordinary suite of one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games.

“I’ve been living with my son since my wife passed away,” said the winner. “He was sitting right next to me when I hit the jackpot! Now I can do something really special for him.”

This is the eighth six-figure jackpot at the unique online casino since it launched. Although the jackpots have averaged about $150,000 there was a nearly $200,000 winner at Christmas. There’s no predicting when a major jackpot will be won, but at WinADay.com it happens, on average, about every six weeks. The jackpot has been re-set and is already over $80,000.

“I know some jackpots get much bigger, but I don’t think there are any others that are hit for this much money this often,” said Michael Hilary of WinADay.com.

The Reel De Luxe is an easy-to-play 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine with a luxurious shopping theme, wild symbols, 2 special bonus features and a bonus game. Its “Present Bonus” feature awards up to 500x the bet and there’s also a special Cash Bonus Game with prizes up to $1500. For shoppers that look for the best deals around there’s a “Discount Bonus” - a discount from total bets on 3 spins up to 100%.

Constantly adding outlandishly designed new games to its collection of custom slot machines and video poker games, WinADay.com recently launched Leprechaun Luck, a 5-reel, 31-payline game with Wild and Double Wild symbols and bonus games. Another new game will be announced later this month.

Unlike the cookie-cutter games at most online casinos, WinADay’s 13 fancifully-designed games -- nine unique slot machines tied to one progressive jackpot, and four video poker games -- are not available at any other casino. All instant play, no download games, they can only be found at WinADay.com.

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