Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to WinADayCasino!

wad-3rdbirthday-160.jpgTomorrow is WinADay's third birthday and we have some special celebrations planned for our players! Three years ago tomorrow,, a casino unlike anything online slots players had ever seen, took its first cash bet. There were only a handful of games back then but like today they were all completely unique, created by WinADay, and not available at any other online casino. Since then a lot more incredible slot machines and video poker games have been created and the lobby has been re-designed several times to accommodate the growing selection. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is our company’s dedication to customer service.

“After operating for many years we knew how important it is to treat players really well and to always have something new for them to try,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary. “We have players that have been with us since day one, and our customer service team members are on first name basis with many of our regular players. I personally want to thank our staff for taking such good care of our players in our first three years! We’re extremely proud of the positive feedback we get.”

“This casino is so new and different and so much fun,” said slots player Mark S. shortly after launched three years ago. “The odds are so fair that the bonus lasted me longer than any other!”

“Best instant casino software by far,” wrote Gary L . “All at a single click, super graphics and sound A-PLUS.”

“You have such an awesome casino,” wrote Vera M., one of WinADay’s first players. “It’s easy to start playing and the games are so fun. You always come up with something new which keeps me on my feet. I can't wait for more new games. Thanks for creating a fun and fair place for me to play!”

Special Birthday Deposit Bonuses
Good things come in threes as WinADay celebrates with some special birthday deposit bonuses. Everyone that logs on tomorrow will find they’ve received a birthday present -- $33 deposited in their account (VIP players will receive $66.) Players can also get up to three deposit bonuses tomorrow, June 23rd -- a 100% cash back bonus will be paid on players’ 3rd, 6th and 9th deposit. (The usual wagering requirements for bonuses apply and are posted on the site.) The birthday blitz continues Friday and Saturday June 24 & 25 with 33% bonuses on every single deposit.

Horoscopes say anyone born June 23rd will “be actively involved with teamwork and collaboration with others” this year. In WinADay’s case, the stars are no doubt referring to its in-house team of games designers who will continue to add amazing, unique games. The next new one is an “America” themed online slot machine that will launch shortly. is a no download casino with 25 one-of-a-kind online casino games - online slot machines, video poker, roulette and keno. Most of the slots are tied to one progressive jackpot which was recently hit for $167,648. Currently nearly $200,000 the jackpot is quickly approaching last year’s record breaking $224,420 jackpot win.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

$128,734 Jackpot Win Will Pay for Daughter's College Education

Jackpot Win at Slotland Will Pay for Daughters College EducationA middle-aged father who won our $128,734 jackpot last week says he’ll use his winnings to pay for his daughter’s college education. The player, who’s been playing online slot machines with us for about year, won the massive pay out playing the new Witch’s Brew online slot machine.

“My daughter is just starting college and my wife and I were worried about how we’d be able to pay for it all,” said the jackpot winner, known as RMP1956 at the popular online casino. “Education is important but it’s so expensive these days! Well, I guess that’s one thing we won’t have to worry about any more!”

Witch's Brew is an uncomplicated single pay line slot machine where players watch the Witch's magic boil right in front of them. Players can bet as little as $0.50 or as much as $4.00 to see what she has in store. During the game, pots of jam fill up and boil over. Hidden witches activate Wild symbols according to the flavour of the overflowing jam. Boiling jam pots can activate more than one Wild symbol, increasing chances of spinning a winning combination even more. Three Wild Pumpkins like RMP1956 got wins the progressive jackpot.

“Slotland is one of the few online casinos that I trust. I really enjoy the games -- they’re fun and easy to understand. This Witch’s Brew, it’s really something. I had actually never tried it until the night I hit the jackpot on it!” said the winner. “I love watching the cauldrons boiling over, especially when I get them all going and I can play with all seven wild symbols active. I also love the little animated black cat that meows every once in awhile. Not to mention a six-figure pay out is pretty darn good too!”

“It’s funny,” said manager Michael Hilary. “Most players have a favourite game that they play more than others. But it seems that a lot of jackpot winners lately have hit big when they were taking a break from their usual game and trying out something different. Fortunately we’re constantly adding new games so there’s always something different for them to try!”

Hit on average every 6-8 weeks, this time it had been nine weeks since the Slotland jackpot had seen a big jackpot win. Although it sometimes soars to nearly $200K, the average jackpot win is like this one, about $130,000.

We've been offering one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games for more than twelve years. Slotland is a no download casino. There are currently 21 instant-play casino games to choose from – none of them found at any other online casino. Six of ours games are also available at its mobile casino.

The progressive jackpot at Slotland was reset to $50,000 after this win. It’s already over $60,000 and climbing quickly. Meanwhile at our other casino,, the jackpot is over $170,000 and statistically overdue for a big win.

If you've played Witch's Brew or any of our games please tell other players what you thought of them in the Comments box below!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We'll Give $15 to Try Our New 'Tikal Treasure' Mayan-theme Slot Machine

Slotland Gives Players $15 to Try New Come and try our latest new game!  Our new Tikal Treasure online slot machine will take you to the mystical temples of the ancient Mayans where the treasures of the ancients lay waiting. And until June 12th you can try it for free! We're giving every player a free $15 chip to take a free spin. (Regular bonus restrictions apply.)

Tikal Treasure is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine. Like all of Slotland’s latest new games, it has eye-popping full screen graphics and brilliant sound effects. With a $15 free chip to try the new game, and a six-figure jackpot that many players feel is overdue for a win, we expect to be extra busy this week.

Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya and crumbling ruins still attest to the power and riches of the Mayans. The new Tikal Treasure slot machine mimics the distinctive carvings of the ancient Mayan temples. Ornate symbols from Mayan astrology, stone masks, sun gods and mystical Mayan cats spin on the reels.

The Wild symbol in this game is the head of a Mayan totem pole. When it appears on any reel, animation morphs it into a spectacular symbol covering the whole reel. The Wild symbol then applies to all three rows.

To advance to the Bonus Round, players must collect orange stone balls, which automatically drop into the receptacles below when they appear on any reel. Five orange balls trigger the Bonus Round where the goal is to create a winning horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of three or more of the same adjacent symbols. Players have five chances to destroy any block on the reels causing another block to drop down to replace it. A line of three or more of the same symbols pays off to the player’s cash balance according to the payoff chart.

Like all of the online slots at Slotland, Tikal Treasure is tied to our famously loose progressive jackpot. According to Mayan mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl is a giver of life. In the new Tikal Treasure slot machine, the 5 Quetzalcoatl symbols in a row on a minimum $20 bet wins the jackpot which is currently over $125,000 and considered overdue for a win by many regular Slotland players.

We've been offering one-of-a-kind online slot machines and video poker games for more than twelve years. There are now 21 instant-play casino games to choose from at the no download casino – none of them found at any other online casino.

If you've already tried this new game, please use the Comments section below to tell other players what you think of it!