Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Jackpot's Been Looser than Usual with Another Winner in Less Than a Month

$87K Win is First Progressive Jackpot Won on New Reel Riot Slot Machine

Our staff and our players are all shaking their heads in amazement as the Reel Riot slot machine has produced another winner just a month after the last one -- which came less than a month after October’s $175K win.

The jackpot was hit on December 7th for $87,221 by a player known as WMSAMUELS.

“We used to predict the jackpot would be won every six weeks or so,” said manager Ondrej Tuma. “Lately, the average win has been a bit less, but it’s being won more frequently!”

All of the games at are tied to the same progressive jackpot. Although one other game, Treasure Box, has had several jackpot winners, this is the first time that the jackpot has been won on the new Reel Riot.

Reel Riot is our newest game,” explained Tuma, “And our newest game is usually the most popular. Since so many people have been playing Reel Riot we shouldn’t be surprised that the jackpot was hit on that game, I suppose. But really, the next win could be on any of our 15 games.”

The Reel Riot is a single payline slot machine with fantastic retro graphics that we launched last summer. It has a “Double Wild” bonus symbol and a special “hold” feature for keeping any symbol for the next spin.

Incredibly, this win comes just days after a record-breaking $198k progressive jackpot win at our 3D casino,

Our slot machines and video poker games are all instant play casino games with nothing to download or install. Six of the most popular games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of our slot machines, including the mobile versions, are tied to one progressive jackpot which was reset to $50,000 after this win.

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