Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get More Bang for Le Buck With the Low Betting Option on Our New European Roulette Game, La Roulette

Since we launched our first roulette game, Roulette 5, at WinADayCasino, we've noticed that lots of slots players seem to like a break from slots and video poker once in awhile. Roulette 5 and our new Keno game has been so popular, we've just launched a new European Roulette game, La Roulette. The new La Roulette has a “low bet” option that can give players more bang for le buck.

La Roulette is like Roulette 5 -- there are five roulette wheels, not just one -- but since it is played by European Roulette rules, there is no double-zero like in American Roulette. Having only one zero gives a slight edge to players since each spin has a 1 in 37 chance of landing on any one number rather than 1 in 38.

With La Roulette’s new low betting option, players can place bets as low as $.10. On any spin, they can bet on one, two, three, four or all five wheels.

“There’s no doubt that our players’ favourite games are slot machines like Vegas Mania, Slot-o-matic and the new Tropical Treat,” said manager Michael Hilary, “but even players that usually stick with just one or two favourite slot machines seem to like taking a break from slots to play some Roulette or Keno once in awhile.”
To encourage you to try the new La Roulette, we're making two special offers. Everyone that plays 10 or more rounds on La Roulette between August 19th and 25th will be automatically entered in a free bonus draw. Five randomly chosen players will each receive a $200 bonus and another five will each receive $100.

We want to know what players think about the new game so please send your feedback on La Roulette to The best five testimonials will also each receive $75 in their account.

This month WinADayCasino’s Game of the Month is the Vegas Mania slot machine. Play it and you're automatically entered in a monthly draw for $500 in prize money and a chance to win a Dell Studio 15 laptop in a year-end draw.

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