Friday, March 4, 2011

Player Wins $145,864 Online Slot Machine Progressive Jackpot Dreaming of Summer Fun

First major jackpot win on new game with enhanced full screen graphics introduced last summer

Online slot machine progressive jackpot big winner at SlotlandWe had a feeling it was about to happen and we were right. Old faithful has paid out once again! A player won a $145,864 progressive jackpot playing the Lucky Ducts online slot machine.

“I couldn’t decide which game to play. They’ve got so many now,” said the jackpot winner known as CHACHANG on our site. “I was switching from old favourites like Lucky Stars and Golden 8 and trying out some of the newer games too. I was switching around a bit until I ended up playing Lucky Ducts. It just seemed hot. It wasn’t my favourite game – not until now anyway – but it was a dark, cold winter evening and it just reminded me of summer fun and swimming.”

The winner says he hasn’t had much time to think about how he’ll spend his winnings.

“You daydream about all kinds of things you’d buy if you won, don’t you? Maybe to start with I should stick with the ‘summertime’ thing and take a holiday someplace nice and warm!”

“I like the games at Slotland,” said CHACHANG who has been playing regularly at since May 2008. “And the staff have always been so nice and so helpful.”

Our last big jackpot win was in January when a new player won $104K playing Booster. Since the jackpot pays out so frequently – on average every 6 to 8 weeks – regular players at the site suspected there would be a win.

Although we've had dozens of major jackpot wins at Slotland over the last few years, this is the first big win on Lucky Ducts. Lucky Ducts is a 5 reel, 19 pay line slots game with up to 50x multipliers and lots of chances to win free spins.

Launched just last summer, Lucky Ducts is one of our newest Flash games and features enhanced full-screen graphics and special effects. Its swimming pool theme reminds winter-weary players of the golden days of summer with rubber duckies, beach balls and toy fish spinning on its watery wheels. 3 Water Faucet symbols at a time raise the Bonus Reservoir one level and increase the win multiplier to x2, x5, x10, x25 and finally x50. Players get 6 free spins when the Bonus Reservoir reaches the top level and overflows.

We've been offering one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games for more than twelve years. There are currently 19 instant-play casino games to choose from – none of them found at any other online casino.

The progressive jackpot at Slotland was reset to $50,000 after this win. Meanwhile at our other online casino,, the jackpot is over $120,000.

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