Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WinADay Player Opens Flower Shop with $140,461 Jackpot Win

wad-flowershop-160.jpgWe love it when we can help make a player's dream come true! Last week, a player named Lizzie J won a $140,461 jackpot playing our Win a Fortune slot machine. She said the win will make her dream of owning her own flower shop come true! Known as SWEETGAL on our site, she says the first thing she’ll do is pay off her credit card debt but then...

“I’ve always dreamt of opening my own flower shop,” said the winner. “I never really thought it would be possible but now it is! I still can’t believe it!”

When we announced this win yesterday on our Facebook page congratulatory messages from fellow players started pouring in: “Congrats” “Wow, I can only imagine…” “Way to go SWEETGAL!”

Our progressive jackpot can be won on any of our slots games but this is the first major jackpot win on Win A Fortune which we only launched last fall. Win a Fortune brings the thrills of America’s favourite television game show to an exciting new one-of-a-kind slot machine. It has a nail-biting double-or-nothing Double Bonus Round and a Fortune Wheel that gives additional Wild symbols with up to 5x multipliers.

Although she’s been playing at WinADay since shortly after the instant play casino first opened, Lizzie said she hasn’t really played Win a Fortune very much. She said her favorite casino games are actually the new Fruitful 7s and Vegas Mania with Pyramid Plunder close behind.

Unlike some of the more elaborate one-of-a-kind games that our games designers have been creating lately, Fruitful 7s is a back-to-basics traditional pub-style online slot machine. Vegas Mania has all the flashing lights and exciting sounds of The Strip though, and Egyptian-themed Pyramid Plunder has an elaborate bonus game built into it.

Our progressive jackpot was reset to $50,000 following this win and is already over $64,000. Our other online casino site,, paid out a $128K jackpot in June and the jackpot there is already approaching $100,000 again.

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