Monday, September 12, 2011

Try Our New "Pearls of Atlantis" Online Slot Machine Free -- This Week Only

Slotland no download casino adds Pearls of Atlantis online slot machineToday we added our 22nd one of a kind online slot machine to our casino. It's called Pearls of Atlantis and we're so excited about it we'll even give you $20 so you can try it for free!

Pearls of Atlantis is a 5 wheel, 9 pay line slot machine with images of the legendary lost kingdom of Atlantis. It has a unique and exciting bonus game that adds extra playing time and gives players a chance to win up to five times the value of the Treasure Chest Fund they accumulate in the main game.

Until September 18th, a free $20 chip will automatically be deposited in your account when you log in and click on the new game. In addition, if you're one of the top 30 players to play Pearls of Atlantis this week you'll get a share of a special $2375 prize pool. The player who wagers the most on the game will win $500!

The mermaids, mermen, seahorses and sea monsters that adorn the wheels of this mythical slot machine conjure the undersea world of Atlantis but the most important symbol is the “Treasure Chest”. When three appear anywhere on the screen, you can receive a multiple of that spin’s bet added to your Treasure Chest Fund, a piece of the Wheel of Fortune, or one of the special gem pieces that boost your chances to multiply their winnings during the bonus game.
Collect five pieces of the outer wheel and you'll trigger the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game where a lucky spin wins up to five times the money previously accumulated in the Treasure Chest Fund.

The legendary kingdom of Atlantis may be just a myth, but the fun – and chances to win big – are very real in our new Pearls of Atlantis. Like all of our online slots, Pearls of Atlantis is tied to the casino’s progressive jackpot. Spinning five "Triton" symbols on a pay line when at least $10 has been bet wins the jackpot which is currently over $115,000.

Slotland is a no download casino that now offers 22 unique slot machines and video poker games. They require no installation or set-up so players can get straight to the fun.

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Jessica said...

Looking forward to trying this out and using the free $20 chip!

Anonymous said...

Seems like Slotland has some really unique games. Will definitely give them a try, $20 is so coool!